Stay tuned to discover the latest addition to the Nizhoni family...

Our brand new jewelry collection!

We will unveil  a special collection of limited edition jewelry, exclusively available in our Nizhoni webshop.


Drawing from her past success with Tov Jewels in the '90s, Kitty's new jewelry pieces blend modern style with timeless elegance. Her colorful creations celebrate uniqueness and empower wearers to express their personal flair. Kitty's artistic journey continues, leaving a trail of beauty and sophistication for all to enjoy.

The Nizhoni jewelry collection is not only a celebration of creativity and sustainable style, but it also reflects the unique personality and lifestyle of its creator.


Besides Kitty´s unique necklaces and bracelets, she started a collab with one of her best friends Julia Brandsma.

These two talented designers have been friends for 35 years and have a shared passion for creating beautiful, unique silk ribbons, which can be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet or worn as a necklace.

Kitty and Julia's friendship and creative partnership have resulted in these colorful handdyed silk jewelry that perfectly captures the essence of Nizhoni's signature style.Julia Brandsma resides on the picturesque island of Ibiza, while Kitty van Coesant makes her home in the sunny region of Andalusia.

We invite you to explore our colorful collection of jewelry very soon!

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