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Nizhoni Lab OOAK

In our own Nizhoni workshop and patio , where the gentle hum of creativity fills the air, we work  tirelessly to create something truly magical.  NIZHONI LAB LTD...
This collection is unique because it's made from the leftovers of our high-quality yarns - the remnants of Alpaca, mohair, merino wool, and more. We carefully handpick each thread to bring you a symphony of softness that embodies luxury and sustainability.
Every cardigan and sweater is a one of a kind masterpiece, that you won't find anywhere else.  Every 6 weeks we will launch new special pieces that unique!
While our "regular" handmade knitwear adorns the shelves of retailers worldwide, this limited Nizhoni Lab collection will be exclusively available in our own webshop. We wanted to reserve this treasure for our loyal webshop customers, those who understand the heart and soul of our brand.
So, with the soft rustling of yarn and the comforting click of knitting needles, we're unveiling this collection on our webshop. It's a celebration of elegant design, the richness of natural fibers, and  true craftsmanship.
So, ladies ,gents and Nizhoni lovers... as you browse through our hidden treasure trove, remember that we make each piece by hand, crafted with love and dedication. We can't wait for you to experience the warmth and beauty of our One of a Kind Nizhoni Lab Collection.

Nizhoni Lab OOAK

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