Avery sequined cardigan


Shine and Sparkle like famous and pretty influencer Madame de Rosa in this handknitted statement cardigan!

Hand knitted and hand-embroidered with neon orange and silver sequins.

A very special timeless statement piece for your wardrobe! Wear it on your vintage jeans , or as a party piece in the evening..Or just sparkle at home and wear it with your cool joggers.

Because of high demand this piece is not in stock. But..

We can knit it for you within 3 weeks

Please take notice that when items are not in stock, we can knit it for you, but the purchase is final.

Thank you for understanding

Composition: 30% mohair-30% merino wool- 20% cotton- 15% acrylic- 5% polyamide

Choose your size:


Measurements for size 1:

Half chest 50cm

Length 55cm

Sleeve from neck till cuff 62cm


Measurements for size 2:

Half Chest 55cm

Length 55cm

Sleeve from neck till cuff 65cm


Measurements for size 3:

Half Chest 60cm

Length 55cm

Sleeve from neck till cuff 67cm









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